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General Rules

Tech Points

Spawner Rules

Market Regulations

Server Ranks

General Rules:

  • English only in general chat. This makes it easier for everyone to follow conversations and for staff to communicate with players clearly.
  • No mining in the overworld. Yes, it’s okay to clear out space for building or mining small ore clusters. Quarries/Turtles/Clearing large areas can only be done in /warp gather & /warp nether.
  • Keep the game lag free. Building huge monstrosities like 64x64x64 block reactors is not allowed. Staff will let you know if something you’ve built is causing lag, and how to fix it.
  • No cheating. Surprise! We don’t allow players to cheat, period. Duping is strictly forbidden and will get you a permanent ban from all current and future modpacks.
  • Don’t grief or annoy other players. Our definition of griefing is simple: if it wasn’t made or placed by you, don’t touch it. If it isn’t yours, leave it alone.
  • Don’t spam or advertise. Repeating the same thing in general chat, posting in all caps & posting information about other servers are just a few examples.
  • Do not automate the weather/time of day. Annoyed that it’s raining? Use /cweather to change the weather for just yourself, others might depend on rain or night to survive.
  • Always follow staff instructions. If a staff member tells you to do something (or stop doing something) please listen. Disregarding or ignoring them will get you punished.
  • Keep other players in mind. Not everyone plays the same way, and to keep the server as fun and friendly as possible, please build and play with their enjoyment in mind.
  • Keep the economy healthy and alive. We have minimum prices for some items posted here. Please stick to these minimums to keep our economy in check and regulated.
  • Alt accounts are not allowed. We ask that you please only play on Golden Sands using one character. If you share an account with a friend, or internet with a sibling/spouse then two accounts on a single IP is acceptable



Tech Points:

In order to help keep our Infinity server running strong and as lag-free as possible, we’ve implemented a system called Tech Points. Machines and other items that are known to cause lag are now labelled in-game and show how many points they’re worth.


Each chunk has a maximum allowance of 200 Tech Points. As you place new machines and components, make sure you check how many points each one is worth, and that you don’t go over the 200 point limit.


If you make a mistake and go over the allowed amount, staff will let you know and give you some time to correct it. However, if you take too long to fix it, punishments will be handed out.