Infinity Reset!

mudge002 tag posted Feb 27, 18


Not exactly planned but it was okay timing I suppose! If you need donation ranks or items reimbursed or you need your personal anchors, just poke any staff member (even mods can help!)

The Return of Beyond!

mudge002 tag posted Jan 30, 18


I said Beyond would be back some day. The modpack itself and us with it, have grown, gotten better, and today we re-launch a pack that we had high hopes for, and still do. They have added over 16 mods to Beyond since it was originally launched, and have had 11 major updates.

We have 6 Golden Sands exclusive plugins for Beyond including a fully functional and easy to use market complete with stalls, ready to buy and sell to other players. A kit system that has revolutionized how we offer kits Click here to see more about them. Much more fun and exciting stuff on the horizon for Golden Sands!

debadoo Brilliant I love this mod pack!
Church002 Lit m8.

The Golden Key

mudge002 tag posted Jan 7, 18


At long last, a highly requested feature for the Golden Sands store - A universal rank. The Golden Key will grant the top rank for all current and future Golden Sands servers for one low price. 

Through January get a huge discount on The Golden Key if you have donated for the top rank on any ONE Golden Sands server, and get The Golden Key free if you've donated for the top rank on any TWO Golden Sands servers.

Please message on the website, or pm me on discord to get your free or discounted Golden Key

Foxxy_Renamon VeteranFURY Will there be a discount for Staff?
debadoo Woot Woot Great Idea glad we got to implement it finally.
FoxMcloud5655 tago Woo! This is a GREAT addition, mudge! Looking forward to seeing more people play on the rest of our servers!

Happy New Year!

Church002 posted Dec 30, 17

Hello everyone! I trust that we’ve all had a generous fill of lovely presents, as well as sumptuous helpings of delectable food and drinks for the Christmas period of 2017. As the year meanders toward its inevitable end, one cannot help but reflect on the past months that we’ve shared together as a server. Personally it seems like a particular twist of fate to have returned to the fold here and to be able to once again celebrate the end of the year with my GoldenSands family; the family I never wanted to leave in the first place. I think everyone knows that even the best laid plans can go awry and then unplanned things can happen that can give you quite a surprise. And so the year progressed; deferring the details, I feel that, along with the massive gains in structure, organization and overall progress that was made as a Server, there were also a few misdemeanors and discrepancies that occurred.

debadoo Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! So glad your all a part of Golden Sands
mudge002 tag Happy Christmas and Merry New Years Golden Sands!

Merry Christmas!

Church002 posted Dec 23, 17

It was Peg Bracken who said “gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly Merry Christmas,” and being on the brink of Christmas 2017, I feel this proverb of sorts intimately resonates with GoldenSands. For the past months of 2017, every one of us has given their time and attention to creating and participating in something unique. A long time ago, I had said that mudge instilled in staff members a binding code of building, creating and managing in a manner that made GoldenSands standout. Having left for a period of time, only to return, I can definitely say without a doubt, that this has not changed. The standards that mudge and the entire staff team have remained what they have always been. We have continued to protect this environment and safeguard the worlds that our players continue to inhabit.

And yes, we may have seen some faces leave us, but we’ve also seen familiar faces return; they’ve come back home in manner of speaking. Home. Many folks that have stayed with us, have made this place their home; their haven away from the world. They’ve shared in the excitement of our one-year anniversary activities. They’ve spread the “good news” of the server by voting and inviting their friends to join in the laughter and love. And they’ve supported us both financially and as well as via simply playing on the server. Time and love. These are the things that I personally feel GoldenSands has been generously blessed with. The mere fact that we are here again, celebrating our 2nd Christmas together, is nothing short of incredible and amazing. And none of it could have been accomplished without the time, sacrifices, love and attention that both our staff and players have given to us.

With Christmas Eve almost here, I’d like to take this opportunity now to thank and wish a very Merry and blessed Christmas to our owners, mudge002 and HalfShotz, our director, debadoo, our head-administrators, FoxMcCloud and Omenavius, our developers ShortCircuit and Shawnothan, and ALL our moderators and builders for their selfless dedication to the continued growth of GoldenSands. Without them, this vessel that is our servers, would have run aground a long time ago. And on behalf of all the staff, I’d like the graciously thank all our players for their support; both returning players and new players alike, a BIG Merry Christmas to every one of you! I personally wish you all the best with God’s merciful blessings!

Please note guys and gals that, with the auspicious occasion at hand, many staff will be away from the server at times, spending Christmas with their families and loved ones. As such, they may not be readily available to respond immediately to concerns, issues or problems which may occur on our servers. There is no planned disruption in our services for this period of time however, so if any problems arise, I encourage you to make use of the help channel on our discord server. If you need assistance on our Infinity server, you can also utilise our ticket system there as well. Also feel free to poke any of the admins or moderators that you feel comfortable with, during this time if you run into trouble. If they cannot help you immediately, they will pass your concerns on to a staff member who can. Again, Merry Christmas to all! And to all, a good night!

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ShortCircuit908 FURY I'm not much one for pretty words or sentiment, but you've all been great to work with. I've had so much ...
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