Build Contest!

mudge002 tag posted Mar 1, 18

It's time for another build contest friends! In typical Golden Sands fashion, the prizes for this build contest will be epic! The theme? Minigame! Come up with a fun minigame that will be used regularly for our Sunday minigames event. The build contest will run from March 5, 2018 through March 26, 2018 - just in time for the 1st place winner to enjoy the latest in the series: Farcry 5!

First place: Farcry 5 or $60 steam gift card
Second place: $40 steam gift card
Third place: $20 steam gift card

The best part about this contest is that it's function over form! You just gotta make something that works, we can decorate it later, and even better? You can enter multiple times. Come up with two or three minigames for a greater chance to win!

Stay tuned for more details about the contest rules on March 5th!

jetwest2000 FURYFire i used to build mini games on a vanilla server, Im sure it would rock on ftb servers with all the ftb stuff. but i used ...

Infinity Reset!

mudge002 tag posted Feb 27, 18


Not exactly planned but it was okay timing I suppose! If you need donation ranks or items reimbursed or you need your personal anchors, just poke any staff member (even mods can help!)

The Return of Beyond!

mudge002 tag posted Jan 30, 18


I said Beyond would be back some day. The modpack itself and us with it, have grown, gotten better, and today we re-launch a pack that we had high hopes for, and still do. They have added over 16 mods to Beyond since it was originally launched, and have had 11 major updates.

We have 6 Golden Sands exclusive plugins for Beyond including a fully functional and easy to use market complete with stalls, ready to buy and sell to other players. A kit system that has revolutionized how we offer kits Click here to see more about them. Much more fun and exciting stuff on the horizon for Golden Sands!

debadoo Brilliant I love this mod pack!
Church Lit m8.

The Golden Key

mudge002 tag posted Jan 7, 18


At long last, a highly requested feature for the Golden Sands store - A universal rank. The Golden Key will grant the top rank for all current and future Golden Sands servers for one low price. 

Through January get a huge discount on The Golden Key if you have donated for the top rank on any ONE Golden Sands server, and get The Golden Key free if you've donated for the top rank on any TWO Golden Sands servers.

Please message on the website, or pm me on discord to get your free or discounted Golden Key

Foxxy_Renamon VeteranFURY Will there be a discount for Staff?
debadoo Woot Woot Great Idea glad we got to implement it finally.
FoxMcloud5655 tagVeterantag Woo! This is a GREAT addition, mudge! Looking forward to seeing more people play on the rest of our servers!

Happy New Year!

Church posted Dec 30, 17

Hello everyone! I trust that we’ve all had a generous fill of lovely presents, as well as sumptuous helpings of delectable food and drinks for the Christmas period of 2017. As the year meanders toward its inevitable end, one cannot help but reflect on the past months that we’ve shared together as a server. Personally it seems like a particular twist of fate to have returned to the fold here and to be able to once again celebrate the end of the year with my GoldenSands family; the family I never wanted to leave in the first place. I think everyone knows that even the best laid plans can go awry and then unplanned things can happen that can give you quite a surprise. And so the year progressed; deferring the details, I feel that, along with the massive gains in structure, organization and overall progress that was made as a Server, there were also a few misdemeanors and discrepancies that occurred.

debadoo Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! So glad your all a part of Golden Sands
mudge002 tag Happy Christmas and Merry New Years Golden Sands!
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