The Tenebrous Deep

By mudge tag - Posted Jun 17, 18


Deep beneath the world's surface within the vast tenebrous caverns lies a realm laden with the enduring energies of Earth. The winds of the Golden Sands have shifted, and the bonds of Terra have shattered. The Earth-Warrior of Heaven's Mountain has disappeared, and the chaotic primordial nature of Gaia is taking over the entire realm, though none have seen its effects yet. If nothing is done to subdue these powers as the Earth-Warrior had for millennia before, the whole world will be overrun by an untamable, wild growth, consuming all in its path.

Do you have what it takes to combat the denizens of this deep sub-terranean plane? Gather your allies, travel to a new dimension, and overcome lethal traps and mighty foes. Solve the mysteries long forgotten by the sands of time, correct the imbalance of nature, and claim the very strength of the Earth-Warrior as your own!

In the "Tenebrous Deep" update, a whole new dimension will become available - The Tenebrous Deep. This world has secret treasures, amazing questing areas, and powerful scripted enemy "boss" encounters, custom Thaumcraft research will unlock clues on how to journey to this forbidden location where you and up to 3 friends can attempt to thwart the rising threat once kept at bay by the Earth-Warrior.

The Tenebrous Deep will become available in early July, 2018

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