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IGN: Kos_97

Punished By: I don't know

Reason: Using AFK machine

Why you feel you should have your punishment revoked:
It took me 5-6 days to get to scarab. The only reason I used it was to cook some ores by knowing that the server would restart in a few hours just to get back online for 1 hours in the morning and make the quarry. I would never do that if I had chunk loader. If I have to wait I week again to use quarry I'm sorry but I don't want to keep playing FTB at all. I'm not a Schoolkid I work half day and study as graphic designer the other half. I bought 2 rank 1 for me and one for my friend, I wouldn't risk any of those. Just tell me if there is any possibility to take my time back and what should I do. That all. Thanks!

Additional Comments / Info: In the first post of this appeal I give some more information you might want to consider. I'm not trying to sell any lies. I didn't knew the rule until this morning when it was already too late. You should definitely put that rule at rules wall, there is sone people like me that dont read chat especially when there is a fast feed
Posted Feb 11, 19 · OP
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Hi Kos_96, thank you for your appeal. Your anti AFK device was found by our trial mod Jannek2.

Our server is heavily based on playtime-based ranks - as you know, because you are aiming for a quarry which would take you 24 hours of in-game time. Using a method where you are actually not playing (Anti AFK device) is giving you an unfair advantage and we would consider that cheating. Cheating is listed on our rules page as "No cheating. Surprise! We don’t allow players to cheat, period."

In-game an announcement will appear, dozens of times a day, that states "using an anti afk device will get your playtime and rank reset". That is what happened: you broke a rule and you were punished accordingly.

You have not been banned - you can play normally on our server. You will need to regain your rank and playtime. Therefore your appeal has been denied.
Posted Feb 11, 19
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