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How many hours can you be active per day:
These hours will vary with my schedule but I usually average at least a couple of hours if not more per day. I live in Canada, in CST, but often stay up later than I probably should..

Position applying for:
I will do my best to fill whatever position needed.

Why are you interested in applying:
Ever since joining the community I immediately knew it was one I would enjoy. The structure of the server, the players, staff, etc. are all exactly what I was looking for. I've never really been good at writing applications like these but I've had my fair share of staff experience in my 7+ years of Minecraft, so I feel like I can offer a little bit at least. I try to help others as much as I can, no matter what they need and how they need it, although I am still a bit of a modded noob, I enjoy helping people. I do it with the hope they will enjoy the server as I do and will stick around in the community. I am willing to do whatever jobs or roles needed and have time to do so. In the future as a member of the community, my goal is to help improve and grow the server and community in whatever way I can and in general just have fun!

Additional comments: If you need any more information let me know! Thanks for your consideration. :)
Posted Jan 5, 19 · OP
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Thank you for applying! And I must say this app is accepted, welcome to the staff team!
Posted Jan 5, 19
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